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Benoit Crozatier (MordekDrums)



Professional Drummer


Professional drummer since he was 18 years old, rising French star of drums on Twitch and TikTok networks: discover Benoit Crozatier, our new Redison ambassador.

Who is Benoit ?

From a very young age Benoit fell in love with music and in particular with the drums. He bought his first drum set, started playing and quickly took lessons to improve his skills.

Benoit starts playing with his first bands in high school and his level allows him to become a semi-pro at the age of 18.
At 20 he became a professional drummer (a status he has held for more than 20 years!) and recorded studio albums for various artists.
He will accompany on stage and on TV sets many references of the general public (Nolwenn Leroy and Zucchero for example…). He will also represent France in 2015 at the Eurovision in Vienna with Lisa Angell.

A few years ago, after having toured in France and abroad for many years, Benoit, better known now under the nickname “MordekDrums” decided to retire for a while and took on two new challenges:

– He creates a group of covers : “Qu’est ce qui vous ferait plaisir ?”. The principle is simple, the public present in gigs or on the Internet chooses live the songs to play (more than 20K people connected to each gig)

– In 2021, he launches his Twitch and TikTok channels where he already has more than 200K subscribers in order to share his passion for the drums.


Benoit & Senstroke

Benoit discovered Redison by chance when he saw one of our TikTok videos. Lover of drums and innovations, he contacted us to know more.

After talking with the team, he was seduced by our values and the concept of Senstroke and decided to test them and share his videos with his fans. After the indispensable handholding and settings, Benoit has adopted the sensors and now shares them with his community through fun videos on their use.

What he likes most? The foot sensors to work the double pedal everywhere.

I invite you to have a look at his TikTok channel where you can discover his imagination: tractor, fire truck… nothing seems to stop him! A little birdie told me that some crazy videos are in preparation 🙂

Beyond being an accomplished musician, Benoit is a great guy. We are very proud to count him among the community of Redison ambassadors. Welcome to him!

Thanks to Senstroke you can now play on your sofa while watching a series. More fun than a pad! Senstroke is for everyone, for beginners and also for those who cannot play at home anymore.

Crozatier Benoit

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