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Keisuke Furuya





Today, let’s take a closer look at our most dedicated Senstroke customer from Japan: Keisuke Furuya.

Who is Keisuke ?

Keisuke Furuya is a 22-year-old Japanese drummer.

He is an professional architect and has been a drummer since he was 18 years old.

He has now 4 years of experience with the instrument. Mainly a fan of rock and pop, Keisuke is drummer in a band with which he regularly plays live named Sophlight.

In addition to Senstroke, Keisuke plays a Canopus acoustic drum set. Less known in our regions, Canopus is a drum brand that comes straight from the land of the rising sun and focuses on the “made in Japan”.

Keisuke & Senstroke

Keisuke knew us when Senstroke sensors were not yet available on the market, during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Intrigued by the concept and a fan of new innovative technologies, he then decided to support us by pre-ordering a kit of four sensors while the crowdfunding was still in progress.

Like many of our customers, it is therefore one of our very first supporters.

We are really proud and happy to see that the project, made possible thanks to our community, has been able to take shape and now satisfies people all over the world.

Once the sensors were received, Keisuke quickly started posting videos with Senstroke on Instagram.

He then informed us, by email, of his enthusiasm for the project and his desire to support us more fully !

So we made contact, and that’s when we were able to discuss about the sensors.
Keisuke then started using them to play live with his band in Japan.
Since then, Keisuke has been using the sensors regularly in live concerts, mainly in places that are too small to host a complete drum kit.

He uses the sensors by coupling them to a Mac, and goes through the Garageband software to emulate drum sounds

“ Senstroke, a technological revolution for drummers around the world ”

Keisuke Furuya

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