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Paulo Bucho



IT Developer


Redison’s first official Portuguese partner, discover the portrait of Paulo Bucho, drummer for the past 15 years.

Who is Paulo ?

Paulo Bucho is a 47-year-old Portuguese drummer. He works as an IT developer at Forten Altice.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve already had the opportunity to meet Paulo during our participation in the Web Summit 2018: Paulo was our official Senstroke demonstrator throughout the event, and you can find our full interview with Paulo in Lisbon about the new Senstroke connected drum kit on our Redison blog.

Paulo loves to play drums in groups, in all styles: from rock to heavy metal, classical and folk music.

He plays on Sonor acoustic drums with Zildjian cymbals.
In order to play more muscular rhythms, Paulo uses a double pedal from Pearl.

Paulo is a drummer in several Portuguese bands, including Cavemaster, and Magnolia.

Paulo & Senstroke

Paulo was one of the first to support us, thanks to our Kickstarter Senstroke in 2017. He also plans to support us for our second Kickstarter sur Senspad, which is currently in full swing as we write these lines.
Paulo then received his sensors in person in November 2018.

Paulo uses the sensors to register and train. He loves the possibility of registering anywhere, with a simple smartphone and Garageband.

“Senstroke is an innovative product: it is possible to build a drum kit with any object. Perfect for easy and quiet recording !”

Paulo Bucho

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