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Sébastien Poitevin



Conservatory director and drum teacher


Conservatory director and drum teacher, we are proud to introduce you to Sébastien Poitevin, a multitalented ambassador from Redison.

Who is Sébastien ?

Sébastien Poitevin is a 41-year-old French drummer.


Our ambassador has, to say the least, a musical and busy life !

He has been a drum teacher for about twenty years, and director of a music and dance conservatory.
In addition, Sébastien is intermittent in the live show business: he plays in several projects, including “Les percussions galactiques” at festivals and events, such as Disney.

Our drummer also plays in two “Tribute” bands to Lenny Kravitz and Phil Collins. He is of course the drummer but also, thanks to his experience in music, the producer.

Sébastien & Senstroke

Sébastien met us through ” Batterie Magazine “, then a friend of his, working for Audiofanzine, told him about the Senstroke sensors.

With a website, Webmusicschool, on which you can find drum covers, courses or blog articles, Sébastien decided to publish a complete test of Senstroke sensors.

We were then able to get in touch with this artist, who is now one of our Redison ambassadors!

Sébastien quickly fell in love with the Senstroke sensor concept.

He finds the idea very interesting and perfect for drummers without drums, on the move or unable to play due to space or proximity.
Another positive point for this professional drummer: being able to train without the sound of a practice pad, but with the sounds of a real drum set.

In addition, as a drum teacher, he finds the concept interesting for students who can now work more easily at home.

Finally, our ambassador finds the application well designed: good quality sounds, good sensations, and especially the possibility of recording.
This gives him ideas for his shows with the “percussions galactiques” !

« The drum set where you want, when you want ! »

Sébastien Poitevin

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