Buddy Rich, the self-made Jazzman

Buddy Rich, légende du Jazz à la batterie

Buddy Rich, Jazz legend from the 70’s to 87 Bernard “Buddy” Rich (9/30/1917 – 4/2/1987) was an American jazz drummer and bandleader. Bernard “Buddy” Rich is considered one of the best, but certainly the most technically skilled and fastest jazz drummer in the world. He was born into a family of artists and was already […]

Joey Jordison, the number one


Joey Jordison, whose real name is Nathan Jonas Jordison, was the iconic drummer of the legendary American Nu Metal band Slipknot from 1995 to 2013. Biography of Joey Jordison His youth Joey Jordison was born on April 26, 1975 in Des Moines, Iowa (USA). His youth was particularly difficult; he had to face the taunts […]

John Bonham, a foundational example

John Bonham, batteur de Led zeppelin, redison.com

Drummer John Henry Bonham (May 31, 1948 – September 25, 1980), known as “Bonzo”, was one of the most important and influent drummers of the 1960s and 1970s. Member of the rock band Led Zeppelin, he was also a true superstar during the last decade of his life and, along with Ringo Starr of the […]