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Redison is now on Discord!

It’s official, the Redison Discord is online!

You love WeGroove and/or Senstroke, and you want to share your experience with the whole Redison community?
You want to share with people who love drums and top scores on the most popular music app of the moment?

So do we! And that’s why we’re launching, this Thursday July 22nd, our Discord dedicated to WeGroove and the Redison universe. News, contests, challenges, that’s what’s waiting for you on our Discord, Groovers!

You want to join us ? This is the place to do it!
And if you want to learn more about Discord and the reasons why we’re here, just keep reading this article!

What is Discord ?

Discord is a written and voice chat application mainly used in gamer communities, but can be found employed by many online fan communities.
Since 2015, the app has been gathering millions of users under its blue banner (blurple to be exact), wanting to exchange and communicate in a simple and immediate way about common passions.
It is known for its simple interface, its easily customizable rooms and its bots, a kind of micro-application that adds a little spice to conversations, such as streaming a song or fetching a random chat image on the net.

Through public or private, voice or text chat rooms, and with its claimed 100 million monthly users, Discord has become an essential platform for all types of communities.
From video games to Go games, anyone who wants to meet like-minded fans can find a place on the blurple app.

Basically, Discord is an app that makes it easy to stay in touch and share, without making life too complicated, and to stay close to your community.
The difficult times of confinement have shown how this kind of application can be of immeasurable use, and we have no doubt that our arrival on Discord can mean a lot to the Groovers community, eager to share their progress!

Why Discord ?

By creating WeGroove and Senstroke, our goal was essentially to gather a varied community around this instrument that is close to our hearts, the drums, and to facilitate the diffusion of its learning, discovery and playing.
Unlike a forum, which is more formal and indirect, and asymmetrical social networks, we wanted to allow all Groovers to interact directly and without complex with us as well as among themselves.

We chose Discord, first because we are users ourselves, but also because we know that many of the Groovers already use it and are therefore familiar with it.
Moreover, its simple and quick access interface allows new subscribers to get used to it easily and to focus on the essential; the exchanges, the meetings and the community.

With time, we hope that this choice will suit you as much as it does us and that the community will be able to appropriate this new exchange tool with the Redison team and the Groovers!

How does the Redison Discord improve WeGroove?

Thanks to Discord, we will be able to get closer to the Groovers’ community and interact with them as directly as possible.
Our goal is essentially to get as many Groovers as possible in one place to go back to them with their experiences, ideas and needs and respond quickly.
With a growing community of Groovers, it will also be interesting to see how Groovers interact with each other!

Of course, Discord allows us to offer much more than just discussions!
We obviously intend to challenge you, have lively debates, news, exclusives, unique offers, exchange with you, about WeGroove but also about music in general, drums, Redison or any other subject that will tickle your curiosity!
Even if we hope to be able to gather amateur and experienced drummers around a common subject, the final goal is above all to create an exchange, to meet and get to know each other, beyond music!

The creation of a Redison Discord marks a new step in our adventure, and we are looking forward to meeting you through it.
We will do our best to offer you a lively and fun animation and we also count on you to make this community live and participate with us, as you always did, to this beautiful project!

To join us, it’s here!

Don’t worry, we don’t give up our social networks, our forum, or even this blog, which remain privileged ways to interact with you.

See you on our Discord, right away!

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