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Top 10 music tracks that have the best drum beat

If you want to choose the right drum track as a beginner, there are a few things you should consider.
First of all, you’ll need to find music tracks that have a constant drum beat with little detail. This will ensure that you can focus on what is relevant in the song.

Then, start with a drum track that is not too slow or too fast. Drum music below 60 beats per minute can sound a bit boring, however these drum tunes often have a lot to offer drummers.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t select a drum track with more than 130 beats per minute. It can be really hard to keep up with the beat. Of course, you don’t have to go it alone, you can also use our Senstroke Kit to practice the songs of your choice wherever and whenever you want.

Here are the top 10 best drum songs for beginners.
Listen to these simple drum rhythms and practice consistently, then you will be able to play songs without drum notes and rock out with classic drum rhythms in no time!

1/ Sugar – Maroon 5

This 2014 song has one of the best drum beats. Being one of the top best drum tracks you can learn, it has a consistent beat that focuses on the bass drum, snare drum and high hat. The groove of this song allows beginners to focus on the fundamentals of drumming while having fun. This signature 4/4 song spins between 110 and 129 beats per minute (BPM).
If you are a beginner, you can slow down or speed up the song to improve your skills. There is not a big need for fills in this song, so don’t worry about all those technical details. With this video, you have to follow the drummer, because it’s not really a tutorial. Instead, try to follow the drummer and imitate the same moves.

2/ Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Billie Jean is one of Michael Jackson’s most famous songs. The tutorial above from Jellynote gives good hints on how to play the Main Groove and the part before the chorus.
Here, the instructor even goes into detail about how to play the high hat in a way that is appropriate for this piece. The 16th notes are some of the most frequently played notes on the high hat, while you’ll see more semitones and whole notes on the Snare and Big Drum. At 118 BPM, this signature 4/4 song has a similar tempo to the Sugar song.
If you’re looking for more drum tracks, you should check out Jellynote’s 400,000+ track inventory. There’s sure to be something that catches your eye if you’re looking for something innovative. However, if you can master this song, even Michael Jackson would be proud of you 😁.

3/ Closer – The Chainsmokers

Among the top 10 best songs to start playing drums, we can’t do without Closer. This song from the Chainsmokers is one of the drummers’ favorites today. As a beginning drummer, the most difficult thing to understand is how to keep the beat and how to properly adapt the rhythms to the original recording.
The nice thing about this song is that you use finger snaps to add different rhythmic expressions.
With eighth notes on the High-Hat, the drums will sound better if you add a rather soft snare part in the middle of the song.

4/ Perfect – Ed Sheeran

If you are looking for one of the most popular drum songs, Perfect by Ed Sheeran is the track for you. This drum cover is played by a little boy named Noah.
On this track, some of the techniques you have to implement are the Rimshots, the Double Bass hits. There is also some solid high-hat work. This video is not a tutorial but you can use it as inspiration to play the same beats.
One of the most interesting things about this video is that you don’t need a long set to make this cover work. Even with a small set, you can achieve perfection. 😉

5/ One Call Away – Charlie Puth

Amazing drum songs may be hard to pull off, but not with this track by Charlie Puth.
If you’re a fan of melancholic rhythms and fast rhythms, this is the track for you. Note that in this video the drummer adopts an open position when playing the hi-hat instead of tapping it.
This is an option you can also choose, depending on how you feel most comfortable. As a well-structured drum song, you can keep the rhythm during the ride as well as the high-hat to diversify your beats.

6/ Highway to Hell – AC/DC

The famous drum songs are the best to play, right? This one is no different. Watch and learn as this drummer shows you how to rock an AC/DC.
There is a lot of high-hat work with minimal fills and some cymbal work.
Try it and work this song with precision.🤘

7/ Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns N’Roses

Classic drum songs really have nothing to do with this rhythm. This song has a bit more synchronicity, so it could be a challenge for the very beginners. The cymbal crashing is incredible and really makes this song pop.

8/ Cabin Down Below – Tom Petty

Fun drum songs may be rare, but not with Tom Petty‘s Cabin Down Below.
This is a great beginner’s song, as all you need is a single drum beat and a fill for the entire song. There are quarter notes on the bass drum and snare drum.
The High-Hat has a continuous eighth note rhythm to flesh out the sound. One of the challenges of this track could be to increase the Charleston on beat 4 in the 4/4 measure.

9/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Simple drum songs are hard to find but not when Green Day is on the shelf. This version is perfect for drummers who are more into pop. Watch Koppernickel walk you through this amazing tune.
There are no lessons in this video, but it’s a great cover for you to play as if you were the drummer for Green Day.
Although this drummer has a multitude of cymbals, it only takes a few cymbals to make this song phenomenal. Some of the fills and instrumental sequences in this song will make any drummer happy after rocking it. In the end, this song may seem like the most challenging of this entire selection, but even beginners can rise to the challenge with a little more practice time.

10/ Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Among the simple drum songs for beginners is Radioactive. This beginner drum song strays away from the classic drum rhythms and allows beginners to add other Tom rhythms to their repertoire.
Through this track, there is something about playing the drums that illustrates passion and joy. So, as you play this song, let yourself be driven. If you’re not exalted and sweating 😅 after you finish this track, you’re playing it wrong.

The songs we’ve presented in this article are the best and easiest drum covers you can learn as a beginner drummer, and you’ll master them in no time.
Last but not least, remember that practice is what you need to focus on. If you have a problem with a rhythm or a beat, slow down and try again.
You will see that hard work pays off. Practice makes perfect, so practice with our equipment and practice drums everywhere with our  Senstroke Kit. You can also practice with our free WeGroove app available on  Android and iOS.

With so many drum tracks to master, you have a lot of work to do. At the end of each set, remember that the drummer’s main goal is to keep the beat for the rest of the band.
If you slow down, the group will follow you. If you speed up, the group will follow you, so keep the pace to keep the group balanced.

#Keep on Drumming 🤘

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