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WeGroove : The best application
for making progress on the drums !

WeGroove is the app to practice drums everywhere and all the time.

Learn faster, progress and go further, meet other drummers…
All this with a nothing but a smartphone! Join the community of Rockers and improve your skills while having fun!
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The application that turns your smartphone into a drum teacher

Want to learn drums, practice or just have fun? With WeGroove, get on stage and start playing!
You don’t need to know music theory or percussion: lighted scores guide you and gradually improve your playing skill. Be it in beginner or expert mode, you can playback your favorite songs and progress at your own pace until the final concert!
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Play along with the greatest bands !

Queen, ACDC, U2, Guns N’Roses, Led Zep…

With WeGroove, you can play the songs that you love with legendary bands. There are hundreds of tracks to discover, from the smoothest to the most rocking and even movie soundtracks… It’s so much better to learn the drums with songs you love!

Challenge other drummers online

To make progress, nothing better than a drum battle !
The WeGroove community challenges you and gives you the opportunity to show everyone who is in charge. Precision, rhythm, improv… Now is the time to join the very small circle of digital drummers.
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An application that does everything…especially drumming !

WeGroove is not just a free drumming simulator to download.

Thanks to WeGroove you can :
iPhone 12 Pro

Connect WeGroove to your other instruments !


WeGroove is compatible with all Redison products and with any electronic drum set, no matter what the brand. You can also connect WeGrouse to all your MIDI devices (USB or Bluetooth) to multiply the experiences and the fun.



A possible premium subscription !

When you download WeGroove for free, you can add even more sounds, tracks and lessons with the premium subscription. Thanks to this subscription, you can access 100% of the tracks in the catalog and exclusive content to make even more progress even faster… and have even more fun !


WeGroove is an application that turns your smartphone into a drum teacher. It allows you to play the drums with your fingers, your digital drum kit or any other smart drum kit on a large variety of songs.

You can download the application on your smartphone or tablet via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

To play WeGroove, you need your smartphone or tablet as well as an internet connection.

Of course ! WeGroove has many different songs available in the free version.
You can also challenge your friends and if you have a Redison account (also free) all of your performances are saved.
And the application is guaranteed ad-free for a better game experience.
In this way you can test WeGroove with some of the biggest hits, before taking the leap with WeGroove premium and its complete catalog !

The premium version of WeGroove gives you access to all of the songs that are available on the application.
We add new hits every week: rock classics, pop hits, metal giants or even 80s anthems. You can enjoy each song by playing with your fingers, your digital drumset, your Senstroke senors and any other MIDI instrument without any limits.
What’s more, thanks to the Premium mode, you will get access to all of the features that are recevez to Premium members as well as exclusive content.

The application is compatible with your musical instruments : you can therefore connect your digital drum set or any other MIDI instrument. To get it set up, you can follow this tutorial on how to connect your digital drum set to WeGroove.

Yes, you just need to connect your Senstroke sensors to your smartphone.
You can also play with any other smart seront or MIDI instrument.

It is totally possible to use a Bluetooth headset with the application.
That being said, connecting a Bluetooth device can create an audio lag between the moment you play on your smartphone and the time it takes to get to the headset.
If this type of lag occurs, we recommend using a wired headset.

Ready for adventure ?
Download WeGroove for free on your Smartphone !

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Wegroove app

The new addictive app to play drums with your smartphone and practice your favorite songs simply!