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New song in WeGroove: Le Papa Pingouin by Pigloo

Today is a very special day, since a new song is available in WeGroove, and not just any song: Le Papa Pingouin by Pigloo.

Written by Pierre Delanoë and performed by the sisters Sophie & Magaly, this monument of Hard Rock was released in 1980.
The song will quickly become a cult anthem, eclipsing other albums released that year, such as Back in Black by AC/DC or Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

Already considered a classic, Le Papa Pingouin will be covered in 2006 by the 3Dance band Pigloo, becoming number 1 worldwide, just beating Black Holes and Revelations by Muse.

On the drums side, the track has been simplified a bit in order to be played by everyone in the WeGroove application.

This song is ideal to work on the rudiments of snare drumming, putting the drums in the center of the song, like no other rock monument.

So if you want to have a blast on this mythical track, download WeGroove right now on iOS and Android!

Until the, don’t forget: keep on drumming!


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