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Nicolas Bastos, drummer of the band Dagoba and Redison ambassador

You discovered Nicolas Bastos with Senstroke and you want to know everything about him?
It’s always difficult to describe someone’s life and career in just a few lines, but in this Redison blog post we’ll try to introduce you to our brand new ambassador!

Nicolas Bastos’ story

Nicolas was born in 1982 and started playing drums 16 years later, after a few years spent learning the piano. Lover of the instrument, he even went to study at the famous Drumtech school in London at the age of 20, from which he graduated.

He is best known as the drummer of the metal band Dagoba since 2016, replacing Franky Constanza. It should be noted that he was also the founder of the band Deep in Hate in 2004 (still active), and that he played for the Esprit du Clan, T.A.N.K., Aborted and Betraying the Martyrs!

In total, our ambassador has played more than 1000 concerts in about 20 countries.

And because he has several talents, Nicolas has also been a drum teacher for more than 15 years, he was even elected “teacher of the year” by Batterie Magazine in 2012 and proposes Masterclasses or private lessons via Skype! Stage coach and jury for the Emergenza springboard final, demonstrator for Yamaha and Paiste, we can say that he is an accomplished drummer who loves to share his passion and knowledge.

This is a proof that, Senstroke, who caught his eye, is a tool that can please beginners as well as real pros!

Dagoba, the Metal band from Marseille

Nicolas joined the band Dagoba mid-2016 for the tour of the album Tales of the Black Dawn, the 6th album of the band from Marseille.

It is therefore him who plays on their 7th album; Black Nova.

This one received great critical acclaim, with average ratings of 8/10 on specialized sites and blogs. lagrosseradio.com calls it “a slap album” and the performance of our ambassador is no coincidence, the blog musipedia of metal conceding a “special mention […] to drummer Nicolas Bastos who delivers an incredible performance…”.

Nothing to fear for the future of the band! Nicolas brought his style and his experience and we don’t ask for more. Let’s hope it lasts!

You want to know more about Nicolas Bastos or you need a little drum lesson from a professional? Visit his official website and contact him: behind the heavy metal is an accessible and open drummer who just wants to share his passions!

Nicolas Bastos – Official Website

Feel free to read our portrait of Nicolas Bastos as a Redison ambassador: perfect if you want to know what he thinks of Senstroke sensors.
Until then, see you soon on our Redison blog.

And don’t forget, keep on drumming!


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