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Senstroke: 2.6 update

The 2.6 Senstroke update is now available on the Play Store for Android devices, and on App Store for iOS devices.

Let’s discover together what’s new in this update.

What’s new in the Senstroke 2.6 update

When connecting to the Senstroke App, you will now be asked to choose a nickname.


This nickname is first of all used to identify you in the App: it is now possible to view the statistics of all Senstroke users in the learning mode of the Senstroke App!

All you have to do in the Learning mode of the App is to click directly on the stars representing your score on a lesson.
You can now view the three Senstroke users with the highest score on the given lesson, as well as your position in the ranking relative to the podium.


Good luck trying to beat Strykax !

That’s not all: the update to version 2.6 also brings other statistics: it is now possible for you to view your data in detail on a selected lesson.


Ideal to quickly see the imperfections of your practice sessions, in order to improve and practice wisely.

And last but not least, the little improvement of this update 2.6: it is now possible to keep your personalized Drum Kits on any device: just log in to get all your scores and configurations.

And that’s it for this Senstroke update to version 2.6.

We will see you soon on Redison blog.

Until then, keep on drumming!

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