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Senstroke Buying Guide

Standard Box, Essential Box, Ultimate Box… It’s easy to get lost in the Senstroke sensor range.
Which Box is right for you ? What do they contain ? Why do some boxes contain a different number of Senstroke sensors ?

Don’t worry, we will answer all these questions in our Senstroke Buying Guide !

The Senstroke Standard Box

Senstroke-standard box

What does the Senstroke Standard Box contains ?

First Senstroke Box released in November 2018, the Senstroke Standard Box contains 4 Senstroke sensors, 2 foot straps and a dual micro USB cable to recharge the sensors.

Thanks to these 4 sensors, you can play drums without drums. Simply attach two sensors to your sticks and the other two to your feet using the attachments provided.

For which user ?

The Standard Box Senstroke is, as its name suggests, our “Standard” Box. It contains everything you need to use the Senstroke sensors.

It is ideal for a user who is already familiar with the use of the drums, and allows you to play with both sticks and feet at the same time. You can configure all the elements of your choice.

A more novice user will also find the Standard Box a good choice: however, it does not contain a practice pad or drum sticks.

Luckily, our other Boxes do !

The Senstroke Essential Box


What does the Senstroke Essential Box contains ?

The SenstrokeEssential Box  was born out of a simple need : to introduce anyone to the drums, without drums.

It contains 2 Senstroke sensors, a pair of Redison 7A sticks, a foot strap, a charging cable and a Redison practice pad.

For which user ?

The Senstroke Essential Box is ideal if you want to learn how to play drums, as it contains everything you need to use Senstroke sensors.

Although the Box contains only two sensors, the possibilities are numerous : work the rudiments only with sticks or feet, play with one sensor on one stick and the other on the foot, or play with hand percussions.
It is also possible to attach the sensors to the feet, and play another instrument at the same time, such as the guitar.

Finally, if you need a third sensor, it is always possible to order it individually !

The Senstroke Ultimate Box


What’s in the Senstroke Ultimate Box ?

The SenstrokeUltimate Box Senstroke is our most complete bundle.

It contains 4 Senstroke sensors, a pair of Redison 7A sticks, a Redison practice pad, and a Senstroke sensor case.
Not forgetting, of course, the usual foot straps and charging cable!

The Ultimate Box contains the ideal number of sensors to set up a complete drum kit.
In addition, the inclusion of a pair of sticks and a practice pad allows you to enjoy a fast and complete playing experience.

And as a bonus: the Senstroke sensor carrying case is included in this pack. Your drum kit literally fits in your pocket.

For which user ?

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, the Ultimate Box contains everything you need to play drums without drums.

It’s our bestseller : with the sensors and accessories sold in the Ultimate Box, you can practice your favourite instrument while having a comfortable and portable way to play.

Ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the Senstroke experience to the maximum !

The Senstroke app

The Senstroke application is completely free.
It allows you to configure Senstroke sensors : it is therefore essential and has many features such as the possibility to register, save a kit or even progress directly through the application.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows, the Senstroke application is regularly updated.
These updates are also posted on our Redison blog !

We hope that you now have a clearer picture of the different Senstroke Sensor Boxes.
If, however, you still have any further questions, we will be happy to answer you on our Redison Forum.

Until then, don’t forget, keep on drumming !



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