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Technical faqs


Operation & Use

Senstroke is an innovative solution that allows you to realistically play the drums on any surface.
Please visit our product pages in order to get more information about the features that our sensors offer.

No, absolutely not. Senstroke uses unique patented technology that allows you to play drums on the surface of your choice. It has nothing to do with Air drumming, but rather transcribing the real sensation of the experience, including rebounds, even the erratic ones.

You just need to connect the Senstroke sensors to our dedicated application via Bluetooth and define playing zones for each element of the virtual drum set. For more information about the setup procedure, visit our configuration page.

No, nothing can replace a real drum kit. Senstroke is an aid that helps to learn and practice in order to progress or focus on a specific skill set. Like any new tool, you’ll need to follow our tutorials and user guides to take full advantage of all the features.

Senstroke was designed for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you can get all the same real sensations of a drumkit with help of our application or your favorite computer-assisted music programs.

Of course! You can easily use Senstroke for your live shows. We recommend using a 5-piece kit for more comfort.

A pair of size 7A or 5A drumsticks.
A solid playing surface: practice pads, pillows, book, table, furniture, etc.
A smartphone or tablet with an operating system that is iOS 10 or Android 6.0 or above.
An internet connection to download the Senstroke application and the Senstroke sensor updater application.

In order to prevent any damage to the sensors, we recommend using size 5A or 7A drumsticks.

The sensors can be used on pretty much any solid surface imaginable. It is however best to avoid surfaces that are too hard on the wrists and could damage the sensors. We would also not recommend playing in an environment that is surrounded by metal, as it may confuse the sensors.

In order to use the sensors, you must download the Senstroke application. This application makes it so the sensors can be configured and played.
Senstroke : App Store | Play Store

In order to take full advantage of the application, we recommend using a smartphone or tablet that has IOS10, Android 6.0 or Windows 10 or higher.

See Android compatible smartphones.

It is possible to use the sensors, once they are configured, with the majority of computer-assisted music programs that are capable of receiving MIDI audio via Bluetooth.

You can follow this tutorial in order to use Senstroke with Garageband on IOS and this tutorial to use Senstroke with Garageband on Mac OSX.
If you are using Windows, here’s how to connect Senstroke to Windows.
Other tutorials will be made available soon.

All iPhones and iPads that with iOS 10 or above are compatible.
If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, we recommend visiting our page dedicated to the compatibility of your equipment.

If you have any lag issues when using the sensors, or if your smartphone sends errors while the sensors are in use, you can connect using Mac OSX or Windows by following the different Senstroke tutorials.

For the time being, the drum kit is configured for right-handers: snare drum in the center, hi-hat on the left and ride cymbal on the right. It is however possible to customize the kit and, in this way, configure it for left-handed use.

The Senstroke application can run in the background. It is therefore possible to use music applications like Spotify to play drums along with your favorite songs!



WeGroove is an application that turns your smartphone into a drum teacher. It allows you to play the drums with your fingers, your digital drum kit or any other smart drum kit on a large variety of songs.

You can download the application on your smartphone or tablet via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

To play WeGroove, you need your smartphone or tablet as well as an internet connection.

Account creation and subscription

Creating a Redison account is completely free.
This account allows you to create a username in the WeGroove application, making it possible to save your scores. What’s more, your Redison account will allow you to connect to all the range of other Redison products.

To create an account, open the menu on the top left of your screen. There, you can sign up with an email address and password.

Click on the “FORGOT MY PASSWORD” option on the login screen.
A password reset link will be sent by email to the address you used to sign up.

Of course! WeGroove has many different songs available in the free version.
You can also challenge your friends and if you have a Redison account (also free) all of your performances are saved.

And the application is guaranteed ad-free for a better game experience.
In this way you can test WeGroove with some of the biggest hits, before taking the leap with WeGroove premium and its complete catalog!

The Premium version of WeGroove gives you access to all of the songs that are available on the application.
We add new hits every week: rock classics, pop hits, metal giants or even 80s anthems. You can enjoy each song by playing with your fingers, your digital drumset, your Senstroke sensors and any other MIDI instrument without any limits.

What’s more, thanks to the Premium mode, you will get access to all of the features that are reserved to Premium members as well as exclusive content.

To take advantage of the Premium mode, you just need tap on a song that is reserved for premium members. You will be redirected to the subscription page.
You will then be able to select the package and follow instructions from the store to purchase it.

To unsubscribe from the application, you must follow the instructions that depend on your smartphone’s operating system.
Click here to unsubscribe from the Google Play Store.
Click here to unsubscribe from the App Store.


For copyright reasons, the songs featured in the WeGroove application have been re-recorded by professional artists. They can therefore sometimes have minor differences compared to the original versions.

The WeGroove song catalog grows every week. If your favorite song hasn’t been added yet, please make a request directly on our Discord, and we’ll do everything we can to add it as fast as possible!

The “JAM!” feature allows you to play freely on the entire song track: you can work on one section of the song, change the track volume, without any limit!

The “LEARN THE SONG” feature allows you to work on the song with three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.
Then, your score on each difficulty level is saved. You can then improve, have fun, and become the best Groover!

When you play the WeGroove lessons, you must hit the right pieces at the right time.
The more in rhythm you are, the higher your score will be. To get the best score, you need to successfully play all that lesson’s notes.
Will you become the best?

Once you have finished a lesson, you can see your score displayed in a progress bar for the three difficulty levels.
The more filled up that bar us, the higher your score is.

The three difficulty levels are excerpts of a song that are around a minute long.
Depending on the difficulty level, the drumbeat is more basic than the original track.
The higher the difficulty, the more notes there are to play and the closer it is to the drum track featured in the original song.


The application is compatible with your musical instruments: you can therefore connect your digital drum set or any other MIDI instrument.
To get it set up, you can follow this tutorial on how to connect your digital drum set to WeGroove.

Yes, you just need to connect your Senstroke sensors to your smartphone.
You can also play with any other smart sensor or MIDI instrument.

It is totally possible to use a Bluetooth headset with the application.
Connecting a Bluetooth device can create an audio lag between the moment you play on your smartphone and the time it takes to get to the headset.
If this type of lag occurs, we recommend using a wired headset.


WeGroove is compatible with:

  • Android 6 or higher
  • iOS 13 or higher

WeGroove is currently available in French and English.
The langue will be automatically detected by your smartphone.

Clearing the cache can help correct certain bugs or fix an update.
To clear an application’s cache on Android, go to the settings on your smartphone.
Go to “Applications”, then click on WeGroove.
In the “Storage” section, click on “Clear the cache”.

Clearing the cache can help correct certain bugs or fix an update.
To clear an application’s cache on Android, go to the settings on your smartphone.
Next, go to the “General” menu, followed by “iPhone Storage”.
Scroll down to WeGroove, then click on “Unload app”.

Go to the settings on your smartphone.
Click on “system”, then “Advanced settings” and finally “Update System”.
In this menu, you can see the sections “Android Version” and “ peux alors consulter les sections « Version d’Android » et « Security patch level ».

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