In this tutorial, we will see how to connect Senstroke sensors to the Senstroke Windows app.

The purpose of the Senstroke application is to connect Senstroke sensors to Windows, and to use them directly with the Senstroke application.
You can find the same application on iOS and Android in mobile version.

If you simply want to connect the sensors to Windows in order to use external software, such as Cubase or Reaper, we recommend using the  SensorConnect software.

Download the Senstroke app

Click here to download the Windows Senstroke app.
Then, follow the software installation process in order to install the app on your computer successfully.

Connect the sensors to the Senstroke Windows app


In the app

Once the Senstroke application is installed, launch it from your computer.

homepage Senstroke Windows 10

Now it’s time to connect your Senstroke sensors.

Click on “0 sensor(s)” in the top left corner.


Turn on your Senstroke sensors one by one and connect them.

To do so, press the button on your sensor. A blue light will flash.
Click on “Scan”.
The word “Senstroke” will appear on the right side of the screen.

Click the word “Senstroke” and then click “Connect” to connect your sensor.


You can connect up to 4 sensors, calibrate them, or change their role.

Playing with Senstroke sensors on Windows 10

Once you have connected your desired number of Senstroke sensors, you are ready to play.

Return to the main screen of the app.


The elements available for your configuration are now in color.
You have the possibility to play, customize your kit or record yourself.

All the features are available on our tutorial page.

If you have any questions, feel free to join us on our Redison forum.