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How to reduce lockdown stress by learning the drums

Music Tech inventor calls for people to reduce lockdown stress by learning the drums

13 November 2020: Jerome Dron, Founder of music tech company Redison, is calling on Brits to learn the drums to help reduce stress and stay physically active during UK lockdowns.

With National Drumming Day 2020 taking place on Sunday 15 November, Dron thinks now is the perfect time for people, young or old, in the UK to enjoy the benefits of playing the drums.

National Drumming Day is a celebration of drummers and everything to do with drumming.

Jerome Dron said: “People can’t enjoy normal lives right now and many are finding their social lives, work and education heavily disrupted by the impact of Covid.”

“Drumming produces endorphins that create a “drummer’s high”, which increases happiness for all of the players, so drumming can reduce stress and anxiety.”

“It’s a great way to help maintain good mental health during the current lockdowns.”

“Learning the drums is also a great way for people to stay physically active during lockdowns in the long, dark winter months when opportunities to play and exercise are very limited.”

“Drumming is also great for sharpening the brain – studies have shown that listening to beats can help increase concentration and cognitive function.”

“Being exposed to sound therapy has been shown to help university students improve their grades.”


Activities to celebrate National Drumming Day 2020

– Joining a local drum practice group
– Set up a drum club using drumming to help children and young people
– Play along with your favourite drummer
– Listen to a classic drum solo like “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins
– Drummers can promote their drumming skills on social media with the hashtag, #NationalDrummingDay

In 2017 Jerome Dron invented Redison’s Senstroke connected drum sensors, which are available now from Amazon.co.uk with prices starting from £145 (Essential Box).

Senstroke connected sensors are the perfect option for those who want to learn to play the drums, without the expense (and noise) of a physical drum set.

Users now have access to over 50 free interactive drum lessons with more than six categories to choose from i.e. rock, Latin, jazz etc.

The ‘Guitar-Hero’ inspired lessons, which have been created by drum teachers, are ideal for beginners, who want to learn to play the drums and progress at their own speed.

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