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WeGroove update: new gameplay modes

Hello Groover, and welcome to this new blog post about the latest WeGroove update.

On the agenda, a lot of new features!
Indeed, new gameplay modes are coming to your favorite app, as well as a lot of new features.

Let’s go for an overview of the new version of WeGroove.

WeGroove update: new gameplay modes

In order to make learning drums even more fun, two new game modes have been added to the WeGroove application, the “Precision” mode and the “Performance” mode.

Precision Mode

The “Precision” mode is unlocked when you become a level 3 groover.
As a reminder, you can level up by playing the app in Standard mode.

Precision mode consists of playing a sample of a song of your choice. As the song progresses, the notes become finer and finer.
It becomes more and more difficult to play the note at the right time!

The further into the song you go, the thinner the notes become.

P-A’s tip: don’t let the size of the notes fool you!
You just have to play them at the right time, so concentrate on the rhythm and you will be able to play perfectly, even with your eyes closed.

Performance Mode

The “Performance” mode is available to all Premium Groovers or trial members.

In “Performance” mode, the notes disappear shortly before they reach the bottom of the screen. So you have to deduce when to play the notes!

The notes disappear earlier and earlier as the song goes on.

P-A’s tip: once again, it’s all about rhythm. Feel free to try several times to memorize the rhythm of the song!

Standard Mode

Of course, you can still play in WeGroove as before.
We just gave a little name to this gameplay mode: Standard mode!

So you can still rock out to over 150 songs, whether it’s with your fingers, an electronic drum kit or your Senstroke sensors.


Another big new feature of the WeGroove update is the “MyWeGroove” section.

Thanks to My WeGroove, you can find all your game performances and easily follow your progress.
Analyze your playing time, your accuracy, your overall ranking… and many other statistics!

MyWeGroove section shows various game statistics.


In order to unlock all the songs available in the WeGroove app, you now have two options.

You can subscribe to the app and become a Premium Groover.
This will unlock all the songs at once, in addition to many other advantages.

You can also unlock them with “Drumkeys”.

You can trade a Drumkey for a new song.

Drumkeys are rewards that you get when you level up in the application.
You can then exchange your Drumkey for a new song, until you have unlocked them all.

But all this is very well explained in our first use tutorial!

First time user tutorial

If you’re new to the WeGroove app, we’ve thought of you.
When you launch WeGroove for the very first time, you now have access to a complete tutorial of the whole application!

You will now be guided step by step through your first login.

From choosing the song, to how to play and how to navigate the WeGroove app, everything is explained when you first log into the app.

That’s it for this Redison blog post.
See you soon for more news and WeGroove updates.
If you haven’t already, you can download the app on iOS and Android !

Until then, don’t forget, keep on drumming!


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