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Hysteria by Muse is available on WeGroove

Muse’s famous track, Hysteria, is now available on WeGroove.

The song was released in 2003 on the album Absolution, Muse’s third album.

Hysteria is one of the most emblematic tracks of the band.

The song is immediately recognizable thanks to its bass intro.
The latter uses multiple effects, including a “Fuzz” type distortion. The bass line has been ranked as the sixth bass line of all time.

This same bass line was composed during the tour of the previous album, Origin of Symmetry.
It was used as a soundcheck before the concerts, the band not really knowing if it should be played on the guitar or on the bass.

Muse then decided to play it before it was released, in a beta version. This last one has some significant differences compared to the final version of the song, released in 2003.

Since its release, Hysteria has been played at almost all of the band’s concerts.

Hysteria is the fourth appearance of Muse on WeGroove, after Map of the Problematique, Plug in Baby and Psycho.

Feel free to tell us what song you would like to see next in the app!
Go and download the WeGroove app on Android and iOS on smartphones and tablets if you haven’t already.

See you soon on the Redison blog.
Until then, don’t forget, keep on drumming!


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