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The Redison Forum

Some of you may not know it, but there is a Redison forum!
Now launched a little over two years ago, the Redison forum is hosted directly on our Redison site, and is accessible from the main navigation menu of the site.


What is it used for? What can be found there? Let’s go for our blog article on the Redison forum!

A Redison forum: what for?

With more than 400 users, the Redison forum is a place where it is possible to talk directly with our teams.

Of course, this is not the only place where you can chat with Team Redison: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email… We are always available to help you, advise you and satisfy your request as well as possible.

Nevertheless, the Redison forum allows public and open discussions.

Indeed, it is completely possible that someone has already asked the same question as you and, therefore, the solution is public and easily found on the forum.

A place of mutual help and information

Whether you are a Senstroke owner or just curious, this is the ideal place to ask questions, help other users or stay up to date with Redison news.

It is not uncommon to find Senstroke users answering questions directly on the forum.
Even better: some ideas or tutorials come directly from the Redison forum!

For example, our tutorial on how to use Senstroke sensors under Linux with Hydrogen was originally written by senstefo, directly on this topic.


After all, what can be better advice than that given by another Senstroke user?

The Redison forum is also useful for keeping up to date with the latest news or updates to the Senstroke application.
It is even possible to suggest feature ideas for us to implement.

This collaboration between Senstroke users and Team Redison is a great motivation for us: to improve, update and perfect our products in order to satisfy you!

And you, do you have an account on our forum?

Feel free to take a look: there is most likely the information you are looking for.

And take this opportunity to give us a little hello!

We’ll see you soon for the next Redison blog article.
In the meantime, keep on drumming!


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