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New song in WeGroove : Linkin Park – Papercut

A new song is available in the WeGroove App : Papercut by Linkin Park.

Papercut is the first track of the very first album of Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory.
And the least we can say is that this album was a worldwide box-office success.

Released in 2001, Hybrid Theory sold more than 24 million copies around the world, making it the best-selling album of 2001.

Papercut is the third single from the album: the song was released after One Step Closer and Crawling, two other huge hits for the band. A fourth single, In the End, will complete the quartet of singles. Note that One Step Closer and In the End are also available in WeGroove!

As for the drums, the instrument is well highlighted in this track.

Indeed, the “beat” heard at the very beginning of the song serves as a structure and a base for the rest of the track: it will be quickly joined by a synth to form a recognizable and unique introduction, before letting the guitars and the acoustic drums explode.

The drums continue to occupy a central place throughout the song, serving the rhythm to perfection.

So if you want to rock out on Papercut, download WeGroove right now on iOS and Android!

Until then, don’t forget, keep on drumming!


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