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News from Senspad

Just like Senstroke, Senspad, our second product, is a topic on which we dedicate a lot of attention.
So why not share what’s new in this project currently under development?

All about Senspad in this Redison blog post!

Senspad : project reminder

For the few in the audience who didn’t follow (we don’t blame you), here’s a little reminder of the Senspad project!

Senspad is the second product we are developing at Redison, the first being Senstroke.
This time, rather than proposing sensors allowing to play on any surface, we had the idea of directly creating a portable playing surface.

Like Senstroke, Senspad has been successfully launched in a Kickstarter campaign. It is still possible to preorder it on
It is therefore with the confidence of our community’s support and the success of this first step that we officially initiated the development of Senspad.

Senspad’s evolutions

Since the success of the Kickstarter Senspad in June 2019, the project has seen some evolutions.

The pad’s membrane, the area directly receiving the impacts, is the element that has evolved the most. Although theoretically suitable at first glance, after a series of tests, it was not adequate in practice.

Nevertheless, we were able to present the first prototypes of Senspad at CES and NAMM 2020.


The reception was great, and the excitement around our project reinforced our desire to design this second product, revolutionary for the world of drums.

In order to produce an optimized product, we decided to test several models of sensors for Senspad. These sensors are placed in the pad, and allow us to capture the impacts of the drum sticks during the performance.
It was during this test phase that Europe was hit by the Coronavirus epidemic, slowing down the development of the project.

Nevertheless, we finally found the perfect sensor for Senspad.

This involves making a few changes to the design of the pad.

A huge June 2020 for Senspad

With the change of Senspad’s design, comes also an upgrade in usability.

We decided, after multiple tests, to change the way of playing on Senspad.
So there’s an additional play area, and they are now much more comfortable.


This layout of playing areas opens up a lot of possibilities, and we can’t wait to test this configuration more deeply!


What’s next ?

We are of course still developing our second product.
Senspad continues to become more real, and we are now preparing to begin production of new prototypes, so that we can continue the tests!

Feel free to let us know if you would like more information about Senspad on our Redison blog.
Once again, we would like to thank you for your support in our diverse projects.

See you soon on the Blog, in the meantime, keep on drumming!


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