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Senstroke, a revolution for drummers

It’s been a while since we announced the release of our first project: Senstroke, which is being developed in the offices of Redison.

But what is Senstroke exactly ?

Let’s take a closer look at our first product to come.

A revolutionary tool for drummers

As drummers, we started from a simple observation : Whether to play in a group, progress or just enjoy, playing the drums can sometimes be very complicated.

Indeed, drumming has its share of defects : it is a heavy, noisy and very cumberstone instrument.

These constraints are more important than for other instruments : difficult to play the drums at the fireside or in apartment.

Unfortunately, the drums can become very complicated to practice or even impossible for a lot of people.. Indeed, it is difficult to start learning this beautiful instrument or even practice regularly with all these constraints.

When you see your favorite drummer doing an incredible solo, you have to imagine all the time and investment required to get there !

This is where Senstroke is useful.

Senstroke, how does it work ?

Senstroke is an innovative solution that will allow all drummers, beginners and experienced, to play the drums in any place : whether outside, in any room of the house or even on a real drumkit.

For that, simply put the Senstroke sensors on the drumsticks, as well as the feet.

Once the play area has been defined, each stroke is transformed into a MIDI note, and lets you hear a real drum sound from the phone, even by striking on a pillow !

The sensors are directly connected to our application via Bluetooth. This technology allows you to play freely by keeping a wireless solution.

You can not imagine playing drums with cables at the end of drumsticks !

The app will allow different features : in addition to emulating drum sounds, it will be regularly updated with new features such as learning through drum lessons, drumkit customization, new sounds, tracking and sharing progress.


As for the play area, it can be composed of various and varied things : for example, it is possible to use the Senstroke practice pad to have realistic sensations, noise reduction thanks to a mobile solution.

Why use Senstroke ?

The advantage of Senstroke, especially when you start, is that you do not have to own your own drumkit. Just put the sensors on the drumsticks, connect your phone with Bluetooth and play !

Furthermore, there is no question here of “air drumming” : Senstroke manages the rebound with more than 8 sounds for each drumkit element, with different intensity level for each.

This allows to play  in a nomadic and realistic way.

It will therefore be possible, over the updates, to customize your virtual drumkit with the sounds you want !

Finally, unless you have a totally soundproof room, neighbors may not appreciate your progress …

Even with an electronic drumkit, it is difficult to play without disturbing the neighborhood.

It is now possible, with Senstroke, to practice in total silence.


It is often at this moment that professionals drummers say to themselves :

“Wait a minute, it’s nice to be able to play the drums anywhere, but it’s completely different from a real drumkit !”


To which we respond:

“We do not want to replace a real drumkit, but offer a complement to the instrument.”

The main goal of Senstroke is to accompany the drummer in his progress by allowing him to play anywhere without distorting the practice of drums.

That’s why we value the realism brought by the different sounds of the app.

There are many possible applications with Senstroke. For example, it is possible to play on an acoustic drumkit and, thanks to the sensors, to easily record druming sessions.

It is also possible to play the drums completely silently using a headphone and hitting on a suitable surface, such as a pillow or a training pad.
You can also get these practice pads by clicking here.

In conclusion :

Senstroke sensors can break the constraints of the practice of the drums.

No need to have a drumkit on hand at each drum session, or not be able to play the drums because of the neighborhood.

It is an opportunity for young drummers to learn how to play the drums at a lower cost.

We hope that the product will meet your expectations, and do our best to improve and perfect it.

You can learn more about developing the Senstroke app by reading this article.

The Redison Team.

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