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Playing drums during the lockdown

The current health situation imposes a new period of lockdown for the coming weeks.
On the agenda: staying at home, remote working and, of course, playing the drums!

Whether you want to learn the drums, take up the drums again, or simply play from home during this period of lockdown, a little overview of the possibilities available to you to practice your favorite instrument in this blog post!

Getting started on the drum set during lockdown

Beginner, not yet equipped, annoying neighbors?

You are a beginner, you did not have time to equip yourself before the shops were closed and getting a complete set delivered seems a bit difficult at this time of the year?
You have an apprentice drummer at home and you would like to take advantage of the lockdown so that he can finally start learning his instrument?
Or are you just looking for a gift for a birthday that falls during lockdown?

With Senstroke you have all these solutions in one; an easy to deliver gift that allows you to play silently wherever you are and comes with a dedicated app for independent learning and training.
It’s a great way to spark your creativity during those long evenings at home.


Especially since Senstroke is compatible with all DAW software that uses MIDI: in other words, all DAW software.
This allows you to work on your covers, your original beats, or to revise a bit before resuming rehearsals with your band when it will be possible again!

Lockdown: a godsend for improvement!

You are already equipped, and playing with a real drum sound is as important to you as playing at all?
Your neighbors don’t really like your night sessions, so you’ve opted for electronic drums.
You already know the music and you already have a whole training program for the coming weeks, but why not take advantage of it to try new things?

A few months ago, our blog introduced you to some tutorials and tips on some DAW software: see our articles on Reaper, Cubase or Logic Pro.

Why not rediscover them and try them out? It’s the perfect time to adopt new habits, or to reinforce the ones you already have! This will confirm that, definitively, Ableton may not be for you, and that it’s time to change, or, on the contrary, to improve yourself in order to master the software!

A little advice, all the same: if you play with an electronic drum kit, remember that everyone can hear you… Continue on the rest of this article to discover some good practices on noisy play during confinement!

Play drums during containment without disturbing your neighborhood

You have the space, the sound and you like the volume.

You’re not afraid to drum with a double bass pedal, your cymbals sound day and night, and you’re not so interested in all that software on the computer.
You are a purist, an acoustic and the lockdown will be just one more opportunity for you to play, again and again. A few rules of good behavior are to be remembered however.

Try to make arrangements with your neighbors for playing schedules.
Chances are they will be locked up at home too and, unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of playing drums 24 hours a day.
See if some schedules are more convenient for them so that you can work out a compromise.
Don’t forget that there are legal rules regarding noise in residential areas, night noise or daytime noise (i.e. repetition of loud and annoying noise over long periods of time) are not very well regarded by the authorities… Especially if the neighbors are not accommodating!

If you have a family at home, try to find the best times to play with them.
Does your partner work at home? Don’t break the professional atmosphere of their next meeting by starting to work on a Rammstein tune!

But don’t forget to have fun. Concerts with open windows, as we saw in some neighborhoods during the first confinement, can be good remedies for the morosity that will undoubtedly take over the country, in addition to the greyness, during the coming weeks.

Music has always been, and always will be, a unifying means of gathering together.
So in these complicated times, more than ever, don’t hesitate to spread music wherever you can: whether you play with acoustic or electronic drums or with Senstroke sensors, film yourself, and flood the social networks with music!

We’ll see you soon for a next Redison blog post.
Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones and keep on drumming !

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