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Senstroke : 1.3 update

The update of the Senstroke application in 1.3 version is now available on iOS, and Android !

Let’s discover together the new features of this update.

Senstroke and Senstroke Updater application merge

In order to simplify the use of Senstroke sensors, we have implemented the merging of Senstroke and Senstroke Updater applications.

Now, it is possible to update the sensors directly in the Senstroke application, without going through a dedicated update application.

Simply go to the list of sensors available in the application and update the sensors when requested by the application.

This feature will soon be available for Windows. For the moment, it is therefore necessary to update Senstroke sensors using the Smartphone application before connecting them to Windows.

You can still participate in the Beta of the Windows application before its official release.

Recording, exporting and sharing audio

Another feature that comes with sensor update 1.3 is the ability to record, export and share drums sessions in audio format. It is also possible to find and extract MIDI files directly from the phone.

Already available on Android, this feature is now available on iOS.

Playing with music in the background

The update of Senstroke to 1.3 also allows, on Android and iOS, to play on an existing music.
Simply launch any music from your smartphone, whether directly with an audio player, or a third-party application like Spotify.

Paired with audio export, this feature is ideal for making covers of your favorite songs with Senstroke !

Uniformization of iOS and Android versions

Finally, the last small new feature of this Senstroke 1.3 update: the uniformization of features on iOS and Android.

We really want to bring you an optimal experience with Senstroke, whether on iOS or Android.
This is why, from this update in version 1.3, the application will have the same features, regardless of the OS. That way, no more jealous people !

Note that it will be the same once the application is released on Windows. In the meantime, feel free to test the Windows Beta, and don’t forget, keep on drumming.

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