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What is a metronome used for?

If you are a musician, or if you want to become one, you have probably already heard about the metronome.

But what is the purpose of a metronome? What exactly is it?
All the answers to your questions in this Redison blog post!

The metronome, what is it for?

A metronome is first and foremost a tool for musicians.

Whether mechanical or electronic, a metronome produces a regular sound based on a specific tempo.

Basically, this means that if you want to work on a drum song that has a tempo of 120BPM, simply set the metronome so that its beats are also at 120BPM.
This way, you can work on your exercises at the required tempo and then accelerate step by step.

For example, you can learn a drum rhythm slowly so that you can deconstruct it, understand and master it, before playing it faster.
That’s exactly what we’ve done in this video showing you how to learn your first drum beat.

The metronome, an essential tool

Once you’ve learned your first drum rhythms, you’ll probably want to create a band to play with your favorite instrument.

In this case, when you play in a band, the metronome becomes the drummer: you!

It is better to have taken the right attitude from the beginning, and to have learned to play with a metronome. Indeed, it is the drummer who gives the tempo to the rest of the band. He is the foundation of the band.
It is no coincidence that all drum teachers will eventually teach you to work with a metronome.

Moreover, even professionals need it.
In this video, you can hear what the bass player of the band MUSE hears on stage, in his headphones: a metronome.

Yes, even artists who can perform in stadiums rely on this indispensable tool, whether to compose, record, or live in concert.

The metronome in the Senstroke application

It is now possible to access to the metronome directly in the Senstroke application.


The metronome is located at the top left of your screen. You can use it while playing and even in the learning mode.
You just have to choose your tempo and trigger it, and it’s up to you!

We hope you enjoy this series of Redison blog posts about the basics of drumming.
Write us a comment if you would like to learn a little more about a particular aspect of our favorite instrument.

Until then, keep on drumming!


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