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Senstroke : 2.0 update

Today is a great day for Redison, since the Senstroke application is being upgraded to version 2.0!

Let’s enjoy this “release party”‘ by reviewing all the new features that await you with this redesign of your favorite application.

Senstroke : a 2.0 design

When you launch the Senstroke 2.0 application, something immediately stands out : the design of the application has been completely redone.


New menu, new sections, and therefore : new features!

Let’s take a look at the new things that you can see as soon as you launch the application.

A new pairing screen

When you connect a Senstroke sensor to the application in version 2.0, the pairing of the sensor is done in a much more ergonomic way.


Of course, the must-have features are back: sensor calibration, changing roles, and a new setting screen, allowing you to change the sensitivity of the sensors according to your playing style.

Senstroke 2.0 : ready, get set, play !

If you have Senstroke sensors, you only want one thing: play !

That’s perfect, since the Senstroke 2.0 application also features an improved playing system.

You still have, of course, the possibility to play with a pre-configured or completely customized kit.

In addition to this, you can change your drum kit: simple snare drum, basic or complete kit, it’s now easy to create a drum kit that suits you and change it as needed.


Learn and progress with Senstroke

The application also has a brand new play mode : the “learning mode.”
This mode allows you to play with a drum track that scrolls across the screen.

The goal : practice while being in sync in order to increase your score !

The ideal opportunity to practice the drums easily when travelling or outdoors.


Continuous updates

Only just this version 2.0 online, that a version 2.0.1 is already available !

Indeed, our team is constantly working to provide you with an optimal playing experience.
Far from being the last one, the Senstroke 2.0 update is the achievement of an important step for Redison.

What would you like to see in the next application updates?
New drum kits? New lessons for “Learning Mode?”

Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget, until then, keep on drumming !


PS: did you read this article until the end ? Let me take this opportunity to give you a little information : we offer you a special discount for the release of version 2.0. More info on Senstroke.com. Valid only until Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

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