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Senstroke : 2.7 update

The Senstroke application update to version 2.7 is now available on the Play Store for Android-based devices, and on the App Store for iOS-based devices.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in this update, which mainly concerns improvements to our Learning mode.

Visual redesign of the Learning mode

We offered a little session of esthetic surgery to the “course” part of the learning mode!


A clearer, more airy and sexier “catalog” view for the pleasure of the eyes… and for a more fluid navigation! Find our suggestions by type of course, by classification of the most popular, by courses already taken… Enough to try new rhythms or retry those you’ve already practiced in a jiffy.

By clicking on a category or by opening the entire list of lessons already completed, you will find a complete list of lessons, with a choice of filters to display lessons according to the difficulty of the course.


Press and hold to get an audio preview of the course.

What are you waiting for to discover this new screen? How do you like it? Share your opinion in the comments 👇!

View your statistics

The ranking is no longer limited to the first three but to all the scores of the lesson, and a small flag shows the nationality of the champion and the title contenders.


Do you think you can do better than the Redison Team (honourably represented here by Strykax and Attila)? Go ahead and put your name at the top of the list!

Making progress with Senstroke courses

The last novelty of this version concerns the “course” part itself. From now on, once selected, the lesson is loaded and ready to be launched on your order.


And at the end of the Exam, there is a brief summary of your performance.


That’s it for this Senstroke update to version 2.7.

What do you think about it? Do you like the new catalog design? What are you waiting for the next updates? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you soon on the Redison blog!

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