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Senstroke – Configuration : customize a drum kit

senstroke configuration

How to customize a drum kit in the Senstroke App

It is possible to completely customize your drum kit and save it.
You can have as many elements as you want, as long as you respect the different angles for each one.

To do this, first choose which kit you want to start with: Blue Kit or Big Rock Drum Kit.
Go to the “Play” section, then press the button at the top of your screen to bring up the window with the different drum kits.

At the bottom of this window, select “Configurations” to customize your kit.


Press “Create my Preset”.

A completely grey drum appears. Press an item to configure it.


Configure the drumsticks elements

Press “Configure”, and follow the instructions on the screen:

  • Hit once slowly with your left wand in the center of the chosen area.
  • Hit once slowly with your right wand in the center of the chosen area.
  • Repeat the operation until the application notifies you of the success of the configuration.
  • Note: It is important to hit the center of the area in a natural and constant way (do not change the stick grip, the hitting area during the setup or the wrist angles).
  • Return to the previous screen to add more elements to your drum kit.
  • You can add more than one item, but remember to follow the rules for the playing area we discussed earlier: the larger your drum kit, the more space you will need to use it optimally.

It is important to clearly distinguish between different angles for your different elements. The sensors differentiate angles of about 40°, try not to place two elements less than 40° apart.

Configure the feet elements

  • Bass drum pedal: The bass drum pedal is very easy to configure: press the item, then configure, and you’re done!
  • Hi-hat pedal: You can choose to configure the basic position of your hi-hat pedal; closed and open position. This step is important in order to be able to modify the opening of the hi-hat thanks to the inclination of your foot with the ground.
  • Press the hi-hat pedal on the drumkit, then press set up.
  • The closed position corresponds to the closed hi-hat position. Keep your foot on the ground for this step without moving for a few seconds.


  • Once the closed position is accepted on the screen, place your foot in the ” opened hi-hat ” position for a few seconds, which will finish configuring the hi-hat pedal. To do this, simply create an angle with your foot that corresponds to the angle your foot would form on the hi-hat pedal if you were to release the cymbals.



  • Hold the position for a few seconds. The app will confirm the correct configuration.
  • The hi-hat recognizes three positions: open, semi-open and closed. The semi-open position is considered to be halfway between the previously configured open and closed positions, and is determined automatically.

Well configured play areas examples


These different zones, well spaced, allow the optimal configuration of a kit without risk of error.


This configuration of play areas is also functional: the elements are not vertically aligned.


This setup is perfect: with a quiet drum kit, it is very easy to reproduce the layout of an acoustic kit.

On the other hand, here are some examples of playing areas that can be problematic with the sensors:


In this setup, the two central zones are vertically aligned, which can cause problems when playing with the sensors. Indeed the angle formed by your wrists will be the same between the central zone and the central zone located on the top. The sensor will not be able to distinguish between the two.


This setup will obviously create some problems for the sensors during your playing sessions…

Save your drum kit

Once the kit is ready, press “OK” to return to the main screen.

Now you have the possibility to save your kit. Once you have named it, click on “OK”.

All your saved kits are accessible from the “Configurations” tab.

Instantly refocus the drum kit

If you need to move or rotate on your own, simply point the sticks in the new direction of the snare drum location, and do a single (not prolonged) press of the sensor button.


This instant calibration allows you to move in any direction, play on stage with stability, and correct the occasional sensor angle drift without having to perform the setup step again.

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