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Senstroke – Configuration : Presentation of the Sensors

senstroke configuration

Presentation of Senstroke sensors

Find general information about how to use Senstroke connected sensors.

Instructions for use

In order to have an optimal playing experience with the sensors, there are a few tips to follow.

Our patented technology is able to dissociate your hitting zones and the power of your strokes.

For this, it is important to clearly differentiate the different areas used.

The dissociation of the hitting zones is mainly based on the angles that your wrists form when you set up the sensors and plays.
We recommend that you define separate playing areas that require different hitting angles: either in the vertical and/or horizontal axes.

Note: With two equivalent wrist angles for two elements, the system will not be able to distinguish the two elements. In this case, elements can be confused.
To remedy this, you can reconfigure the sensors with different angles.

Activate the sensors

To activate the sensors, briefly press the button located on the sensor. The LED will light up green and then flash, waiting for pairing.

Switching off the sensors

To turn off the sensors, press and hold the button for a few seconds, then release it. The 3 LEDs will light up together briefly to indicate that the sensor is turned off.

If your sensor was connected to the application, a long press on the buttons will only disconnect it. The LED then flashes light blue. In this case, a second long press (as described above) is required to switch it off.

Charging the sensors

The sensors are delivered pre-charged.
As soon as the red LED starts flashing red, we recommend that you charge the sensor(s) concerned.
To do this, simply use the micro USB cable provided, connect it to the sensor and the USB end to your computer or approved smartphone charger.
A 3 hour cycle is recommended for a complete charge. The LED will turn green once the sensor is charged.
A full charge provides approximately 12 hours of play time.

The different colors of the LED

  • A brief green LED indicates that the sensor is turned on.
  • A flashing blue LED indicates that the sensor is on and ready to be paired.
  • A flashing red LED indicates that the battery is about to run out and that it needs to be recharged (via the supplied cable).
  • A continuous green LED indicates that the sensor is paired.
  • An orange LED indicates that the drum kit is properly re-calibrated.

The sensor will go into sleep mode if it is not paired quickly (after 10 seconds), the LED will be off. Turn the sensor back on to exit the sleep mode.

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