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Redison at CES 2022

From January 5 to 7, 2022, the CES took place in Las Vegas.

The largest annual trade show dedicated to new technologies, CES was back after a one-year break due to the pandemic.

Back on Redison’s presence in the United States in this blog post!


What is the CES?

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is an exhibition dedicated to new technologies.

It is the largest show in this field, and a must-attend event that has been held every year in Las Vegas since 1967.

The year 2021 was a bit special, with a completely virtual edition because of the pandemic.

2022 marked the return of the CES in person: a return that Redison did not miss!

Redison at CES 2022

The 2022 edition was our second participation at CES.

Indeed, we had already been to Las Vegas in 2020, then to present Senstroke. The CES was followed by the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, making our visit to the US a real odyssey that you can revive on our dedicated blog post!

This year however, no NAMM Show is planned in January, we will only go to CES, in order to present our universe of Redison products.

First Senspad presentation

CES 2022 was the perfect opportunity to reveal the first fully functional prototype of Senspad.

And to say the least, it was a hit!

Generating a lot of interest, especially from drummers, the Senspad delivers on its promise of recreating a full electronic drum kit in a single multi-zone pad: a huge space saver.

All this technology held up during the three intensive days of demonstration. A little impromptu anecdote: a passer-by mistook the Senspad for a stool and… sat on it!

More fear than harm, the prototype still works. Nevertheless, we will remember to include “this is not a seat” in the user manual!

Senstroke: always on top!

In addition to the Senspad, we had obviously taken some Senstroke sensors in our bag. It really doesn’t take up much space, does it?

A few demos, and the sentence is irrevocable: after 3 years on the market, Senstroke sensors are still going strong!

Try it at home: take your sensors, your sticks, start playing a groove on your knees: “wow” effect guaranteed!

The proof is in this picture taken during a Senstroke demo:


Speaking of Groove…

WeGroove gets everyone on board

Of course, we took the opportunity of CES to present the WeGroove application!

And that’s good, because you can play WeGroove directly with your Senstroke sensors, and with Senspad. You can find a tutorial on how to connect your Senstroke sensors to WeGroove right HERE.

We also played some of WeGroove’s biggest hits during the Senstroke and Senspad demos: a great way to liven up the CES!

The last word

It was once again a real pleasure to present Redison products on the other side of the world.

Whether it’s Senstroke, Senspad or WeGroove, all the feedbacks were more than positive, and very encouraging for the future. You can find an interview with Jérôme introducing the Redison’s universe at CES as if you were there!

Moreover, visiting Las Vegas at night is an opportunity not to be missed.

So we are fully motivated for the year 2022, which starts with a bang for Redison!


See you soon on our Redison blog, until then, take care of yourself… and keep on drumming!

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