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Ableton Live, the digital audio workstation designed for live shows

Here is the continuation of our focus dedicated to digital audio workstations, this time with Ableton Live.

Ableton Live : what is it ?

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation released in 2001. Compatible with Windows and MacOS, Ableton Live, like most other DAW, allows you to create, record and mix music.

Nevertheless, as its name suggests, Ableton Live was mainly designed to be used in a live concert.

Indeed, Ableton Live’s interface is optimized to fit on a single screen, even that of a laptop computer.


This interface allows the user to do several things with Ableton Live.
For example, it is very easy to use the software to launch samples live, and it is even possible to modify them during playing, on the fly.

The software is very useful when recording live during a concert.
Indeed, Ableton Live allows, thanks to its ergonomics, to quickly and easily start recording the different tracks connected to it.

It is therefore possible to control the parameters of the tracks live, to add effects, plugins, or simply to record the direct sound of the instrument.
The interest will then be to edit it and work with a relaxed head, like any computer-assisted music software. It is therefore easy to recover the audio tracks of each instrument during a concert, in order to rework them, then use them as you wish.

Other features specific to Ableton Live make it a unique digital audio workstation.

It is possible to create variations in tempo, time, bars, or set the speed of a sample very easily and intuitively. It is also possible to save a session by simply dragging and dropping it into the file explorer.
All these features are optimized for use in the middle of a concert, unlike other DAW software.

You may also note that it is often the drummers (as if by coincidence !) who are in charge of using the software.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to find this type of configuration on stage.


It is then up to the drummer to control the computer directly from its position behind the drums.
Thanks to the software’s interface, all that remains is to launch the samples, often accompanied by a metronome, before starting a song.

It is thanks to this simplicity that the software allows even small bands to play the metronome with samples quickly and easily.
This role often ends up being filled by a full person located in the control room for larger bands.

Ableton and Senstroke

Like almost all DAW, Ableton Live is MIDI compatible via Bluetooth.
This allows Senstroke sensors to be used even in live conditions!

The connection is once again very simple : from the software preferences, simply open the “MIDI Link” tab to connect the SensorConnect software to it.
A tutorial on how to connect Senstroke sensors to Ableton Live is of course available if you want more details on how to do it.

Connecting Senstroke sensors to Ableton Live is the most efficient way to play in concert with them: once the playing area is defined, it is very easy to register using the DAW software interface.

Do you want to see more articles on the different DAW for drums? Tell us in the comments down below !
Stay tuned on our Redison blog.

Until then, keep on drumming !

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