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Camille Greneron



Drum teacher


Drum teacher and drummer for more than 15 years, we are honored to introduce you to Camille Greneron, official Redison partner.

Who is Camille ?

Camille Greneron, 32 years old, has been a drummer since he was 16 years old. Pedagogical director of the EF2M (school of training in music professions), he is also an experienced drum teacher, and has the opportunity to train drummers in a lot of different places.
Endorsed by Yamaha for his drum kit, Camille plays on Turkish Murat Diril cymbals.

Camille mainly plays metal, his favourite style, and jazz. He just joined the band Molybaron last February when they released their eponymous album, “Molybaron”, which you can find on their official Bandcamp.

The group is performing at European festivals across Europe during the summer of 2019 with, among others, the METALDAYS festival taking place in Slovenia.

Camille has more than just one musical project ! You can also find him playing drums in the keyboard drum duo “Symbiosis”, a modern jazz project.

Camille Greneron drums

Camille & Senstroke

Camille knew us when the Senstroke project was in its early days, as Camille was involved in the development of sensor calibration when the Senstroke application was being developed.
You can also find here a tutorial about how to calibrate Senstroke sensors.

Camille is a regular partner, you may have seen him playing with Senstrokes during our various promotional campaigns on social networks.

Camille uses the sensors to play with his students when there is no drums or room available.
Senstroke is also a way for him to play on holidays or simply on the move when he can’t take a full drum set with him.


“Senstroke is the perfect alternative for people who don’t have access to a drum kit, and allows you to play anywhere at any time !”

Camille Greneron

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