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Max Goemaere



Professional drummer and drum teacher


Drummer for over 23 years, we are proud to introduce Max, Redison’s official ambassador.

Who is Max ?

Max Goemaere is a 32-year-old French professional drummer.

After discovering drums at the age of 9, Max is now a professional drummer and drum teacher at the drum school Drumlive Academy, a TAMA drum school in Roubaix.

As a drum teacher, Max plays many styles of music. However, he has a particular preference for Metal and Fusion.
Purist, Max likes the playing sensations of a real acoustic drum set.
He is endorsed at TAMA, and plays on Meinl cymbals.

Long-time drummer in extreme metal bands, such as The Order Of Apollyon or Nightshade, Max prefers to be session drummer today.

It is this role that he holds in Death Structure, Death Metal band from the North of France.

Max & Senstroke

Max also knew us through our Redison Facebook page.
Actively following us, especially on our Instagram, Max was looking forward to trying Senstroke.

That’s why Max was keen to work with us on the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for our second product, Senspad.
You can see it in our Senspad presentation video, using the pads on an acoustic drum kit :

You can also find Max testing Senstroke sensors directly from his studio.

« Reactivity and nuances: Senstroke sensors are amazingly precise ! »

Max Goemaere

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