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CES and NAMM Show 2020 Report : A Redison Odyssey

As our American adventure comes to an end, it’s time to tell you about our trip to the CES and the NAMM Show 2020, the world’s largest music industry show !

Redison in the United States

Our journey begins on January 7, 2020. Not at the NAMM, but first at the CES in Las Vegas.

Redison at CES Las Vegas 2020

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is an exhibition that specialises in new technologies. We have already had the opportunity to do this type of show, such as the Web Summit, wich you can read our report on our Redison Blog.

Less specialized on music, this type of salon is still ideal for presenting Senstroke.

Indeed, in addition to being a musical instrument, Senstroke is also a revolutionary and innovative connected object.
It was therefore quite natural that we agreed to participate in the CES with Business France, thus becoming part of the “French Tech”.
During these four days, we were able to make a lot of demos, and we were able to meet journalists from all over the world !


It was also possible, during the CES, to get a first glimpse of the Senspad. Still under development on our premises, this was the first time it was visible to the general public.

The numerous positive feedback on Senstroke sensors, but also on our new product, the Senspad, allowed us to make some adjustments for the event that followed the CES: the NAMM Show 2020.

Redison at the NAMM Show 2020

After a few days of relaxation in the United States (you can also find photos of the sensors in the country on your Instagram account), we met up with Paulo.

Yes, Paulo, you remember ? Our Redison ambassador to the Portugual !
He accompanied us to the Web Summit in Lisbon. Faithful to the job, here he is now in California with Jerome and myself (P-A).

The big day has arrived !

The NAMM Show : a paradise for musicians

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at the NAMM Show is the size.

The Drum Hall alone is huge. All the biggest brands in the industry are there : Sabian, Zildjian, TAMA, DW, Yamaha, Ludwig…
I could name dozens of them : when you arrive, you don’t know what to think.

There are similar halls dedicated to guitars, basses, brass, violins. There’s even a floor where big brands like Fender or Gibson have reserved entire spaces.
Basically, you can feel very small in the middle of these big brands.

Nevertheless, Redison is there, present at the NAMM Show 2020.

The Redison booth at the NAMM Show 2020

Our booth at the NAMM Show was located in Hall C, the drums Hall.
We were surrounded by acoustic drums. If you plan to go to the NAMM Show one day, earplugs are a must !

Our Redison booth was in the middle of traditional musical instruments, not far from Sabian and Drumeo.
The least we can say is that our stand stood out for its originality.


Red carpet, sofa and headphones : we were probably the only drums booth to offer a small “living room” corner where you could sit comfortably, put on headphones, and test Senstroke in comfort.

Of course, we also had an amplifier to match the acoustic drums !
Walkers could therefore listen to the sound of the Senstroke sensors thanks to the amplifier, while playing with the headphones if they wanted to test.

And there were tests. A lot of tests.

Senstroke Sensors at the NAMM Show 2020

During four days, demos and questions followed one another.

More than 200 people followed one another on our Redison sofa, not counting the curious people who stopped, wondering how a seat and a pouffe could produce the sound of a ride or a crash.

Young, old, experienced drummers, beginners, metal, jazz, or even hand percussionists: what a pleasure to see smiles and surprise during the demos !
Everyone who had the sensors in their hands loved playing with them. The most enthusiastic even wanted to take home a box of sensors.

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a summary of the NAMM, this time with the word given directly to the testers in video !

Redison at NAMM 2021 ?

The NAMM Show is a unique experience in the world. It is an immense pride to have been able to present Senstroke and Senspad in this incredible venue. And it’s also an opportunity to meet some of the greatest musicians of the drum scene !

We would like to thank Paulo for his enthusiasm and his precious help during these four days, but above all, we would like to thank you, the Redison community.

It’s thanks to your loyalty and dedication that we can make this kind of event happen, and it motivates us more than ever in this beginning of the year 2020.
We’re preparing a lot of updates with big features coming up !


For the NAMM Show, how about next year ? And who knows, with the Senspad finalized ?

Until then, don’t forget, keep on drumming !


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