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Drumistic becomes Redison

Hello there, and welcome to the first Redison blog article !

Today, we will look at the name change of our company Drumistic, which becomes Redison.

Those who follow us for a while on social networks, or via the newsletter, may have noticed some changes as of today : Drumistic is now called Redison.

Why did we make such a change ? What impact on the Senstroke project, and most importantly, what will change for you ?

Don’t worry, you will find all the answers to these questions by reading this blog post !

Why change to Redison ?

It’s been a little over a year now since we started our company. Drumistic’s promise was simple :  to democratize the practice of the drums in the world thanks to technological innovations.

Our team, composed of musicians and especially drummers, worked hard to make our first product, the Senstroke.

Thanks to Senstroke, it’s now possible to play the drums anywhere, anytime.

If you want more detail on Senstroke, I invite you to read this article, which explains the possibilities offered by our sensors.

All this has only been possible thanks to you :  your numerous pre-orders, your support, your feedbacks, have allowed us to create a product that we are proud of and which, I am sure, will please you as well.

Senstroke finally arrives in stock in September!

But what if this technology could be used for anything other than music ?

During the development of Senstroke, we talked a lot with you, members of our community of drummers, musicians, lovers of new technologies.

From these discussions, from these meetings, began to emerge many other projects and products resulting from this technology. This profusion of ideas and products are not only related to the field of music.

With so many requests and demands from you, we decided to accelerate our development and to diversify the company by opening our technology to other areas.

But why change the Drumistic name to a new one, Redison ?

This evolution of our strategy, this expansion of opportunities naturally led us to  change the name of our company.

Indeed, although we are extremely attached to Drumistic, we think that this beautiful brand does not carry enough this diversification, its name being linked only to the drums.

That’s why Drumistic is evolving today to Redison !
We found in Redison a brand that always carries our values of innovation, openness and simplicity.

What changes in practice ?

The team remains the same, our passion for the drums is intact as well as our will to democratize its practice in the world.

Our goals stay the same:  to provide you with the best products that will simplify your life. So it’s the same with Senstroke.

Therefore, Senstroke remains our priority.

The evolution towards Redison brings lots of new things.

With this rebranding, we can turn to new markets.  We will create, in the coming months, new products thanks to a reinforced team.

Starting today, some changes will occur: first, the creation of Blog.redison.com, a new website with all our projects. Don’t worry, Senstroke.com is still available !

Second novelty, that you have discovered if you read these lines: the blog.

You will find regularly posted articles about news from Redison or the world of music. We will also offer tutorials, and many other things.

And of course, all translated into English and French !

Other changes that you’ve probably noticed: the name change of social networks.

While evolving towards Redison, we logically changed the name of our social networks.

The Drumistic page evolves towards “Redison”.

Don’t worry, we only change the name of the page. Our proximity, our sharing of articles and news will always be the same !

Last but not least, the Redison forum will be online in the next few days.

Now it will be even easier to communicate news and updates of the project, gather your opinions, answer your questions, or just share with you !

What will never change ?



We already talked about it, but our team stays the same. Drumistic was not redeemed, but simply evolved.

You will continue to appreciate (or not) our french accent in English.






The Senstroke website is not affected and continues to be our principal website. The shop is also always accessible, and we are always available.

We will continue to answer you as soon as possible, and always with good mood!

We will also continue to share actualities, news, videos and highlights of the company with our bi-weekly Newsletter.

Last point, we are and will remain musicians. Our passion for drumswill continue to carry us and bring us closer to you.

Besides, our next product that is being studied will still be a product made for drummers by drummers. I do not tell you more today, but soon, I promise.

In conclusion

Our evolution from Drumistic to Redison is a logical step in our development.

You will notice that the name change brings a lot of news, but that the essential remains the same: Above all, we remain the same team of enthusiasts, and we can not wait for Senstroke sensors to find their way to your drum sticks.

Moreover, feel free to take a look to this article to know everything about the Senstroke project!

The Redison Team.

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