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Redison : one year later, the report

It has been a little over a year since we launched the Redison blog.
Our first article explained why Drumistic became Redison, and the changes it implies.

Today, let’s take a look at Redison together, and what is to come !

Senstroke release

We told you about it at the WebSummit, it was in November 2018 that Senstroke sensors were released worldwide.

After a successful Kickstarter and months of research and development, we are proud to announce that Senstroke is now a worldwide success.
The sensors make it easier to learn how to play drums and allow you to play on the go, without having to carry a full drum set.
Since Senstroke’s release, we have been able to show the sensors at various events: from the Web Summit Lisbon, to the IFA in Berlin, to the SXSW in Austin.
We will not stop there, since we can already announce that we will be present at the CES and NAMM in 2020 !

Redison ambassadors

It was during these many trips that we were able to meet our Redison ambassadors.

Coming from France, Portugal, or even Japan, our Redison ambassadors carry the company’s flag all over the world.
For example, Marvin Morelle, a professional drummer, is our official teacher on the Redison YouTube channel. Feel free to check it out if you want to know the basics of the drums !

The Senstroke app

Since the launch of Senstroke, our priority has been to continuously improve the Senstroke application. Here are some updates that have been implemented since last year.

Beginner and advanced mode

One of our most important updates was to allow the Senstroke user to choose between two different play modes. The beginner mode has been designed to provide a simple and intuitive experience: once the sensors are connected, it is possible to play with a pre-configured kit. The advanced mode, on the other hand, allows you to configure a customized drumkit by choosing the number of elements you want and their position in the area.

Connecting sensors to Windows with SensorConnect

Since Senstroke sensors use MIDI, it is possible to connect them with most digital audio workstations. We made this process easier by creating SensorConnect, a software that allows Senstroke sensors to be connected easily and quickly.


The Senstroke tutorial

When you first launch the Senstroke application, you probably noticed that a Senstroke tutorial is starting. This tutorial has been created to simplify the use of Senstroke sensors.

Senstroke Updater

In order to update the sensors, we have developed a dedicated application, Senstroke Updater. This application will soon merge with the Senstroke application.

The role change

In order to offer as much freedom and flexibility as possible to the sensor user, an update to change the role of the sensors was quickly implemented on iOS and Android.

Senstroke MIDI recording

It is possible, under Android, to record any play session and export it as a MIDI file. This feature is coming very soon under iOS.

Drumkit backup

Since it is possible to customize your drum kit, we have implemented the possibility to save and charge a custom drumkit.

Sensitivity and angle settings

It is possible to directly adjust the sensitivity and angles of the sensors from the application parameters. Ideal for adjusting the sensors to your playing style.

Improving latency

Senstroke sensors connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. It is therefore essential, in order to have an optimal playing comfort, to reduce latency to a minimum.
That is why we regularly publish updates in this direction.

The latency check

It is very complicated to get optimal latency, especially with Android. Indeed, latency depends mostly of the phone. We have therefore implemented an update to check the latency of your phone before any purchase.

The second product: Senspad

It is impossible to talk about Redison’s highlights without mentioning Senspad.
Redison’s second product, the Senspad is an ultra-portable wireless connected pad.

Like Senstroke, Senspad has been the subject of a successful Kickstarter, and is currently under development in our company.


Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to be informed of the progress of this new project !

What happens next ?

We have a lot of new things to come !

In addition to participating in NAMM and CES 2020, we will be touring a number of stores in northern France.

The Senstroke application remains a priority, with a major update coming before the end of the year. We’ll let you discover this very soon on our social networks and our Redison forum.

Finally, we are always working on new and innovative projects to surprise you. We would like to thank you, you are now nearly 5000 to follow us on our social networks, and always more to use Senstroke!

Stay tuned, and keep on drumming !

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