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Percussions in the world – The Bombo

We continue our trip around the world with the discovery of a percussion directly from Argentina: the bombo.

This article is the second published in our special report about percussions around the world. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to read our first article on the Taiko, percussion coming from Japan.

But let’s come back to our article, with today, a stopover in Argentina!

The Bombo

Country of origin : Argentina

What is it?

Also known as bombo legüero, this instrument from Argentina is inspired by the military drums of the conquistadores who colonized the country.


The adjective legüero (mile) indicates that the instrument could be heard a mile away.
Today it is one of the emblematic instruments of Argentine music, as can be heard in the zamba or chacarera dances.

How does it work and what sound does it play?

Like the instrument that inspired it, the bombo consists of a hollow trunk on which is stretched a skin via a hoop, fixed by leather straps to tighten the skin.

It is played with drumsticks, or a small soft-headed mallet, which can be used to hit the membrane or the hoop.

The sound of the bombo resembles that of a beating heart, a pulse that is alternated by hitting the hoop to break it.
The bombo thus makes a deep sound accompanied by drier sounds that seem to speak directly to our own heart.

Do we still use it today?

Nowadays, the bombo is part of Argentinean music and is still used in folkloric performances but also by more modern bands or singers; Soledad Pastorutti, an Argentinean pop singer, integrates it in her compositions.

Hardly used in occidental music, it is an integral part of Argentinean culture and its rhythm!
The bombo, as well as its derivatives, is also widely used in other Latin American countries, such as Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

Our stop in Argentina was short, so we invite you to come back quickly on our blog Redison for our next stop, in Africa this time!

Until then, take care of yourself, and don’t forget: keep on drumming!

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