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The Redison Tour is launched

If you are already following us on our social networks, you’re not unaware that the Redison Tour is on.

Would you like to know more about it ? Then you’ve come to the right place !

The Redison Tour : What is it ?

During this end-of-year time, we have decided to meet you directly.
We have therefore scheduled a store tour in order to allow you to test Senstroke sensors directly !

Like a touring band, we are present, during these last days of the year, in several stores during the months of November and December.
This is a unique opportunity to come and talk directly to the Redison team, test Senstroke sensors, participate in demonstrations or simply ask questions.

Redison Tour dates

The Redison Tour is composed of several events through stores located all over France.

Without further ado, here is the list of stores in which we will be present :

– From 02/11/2019 : Bar à Innovations Auchan Avignon (84)
– The 02/11/2019 : Cultura Villeneuve d’Ascq (59)
– From 07/11/2019 : Bar à Innovations Auchan Noyelles-Godault (62)
– From 16/11/2019 : Bar à Innovations Auchan Plaisir (78)
– The 16/11/2019 : Cultura Neuville-en-Ferrain (59)
– From 22/11/2019 : Fnac Montparnasse (75)
– The 23/11/2019 : Cultura Franconville (95)
– From 25/11/2019 : Boulanger Villeneuve d’Ascq (59)
– From 26/11/2019 : Boulanger Beaugrenelle (75)
– From 26/11/2019 : Boulanger Rosny-sous-Bois (93)
– From 27/11/2019 : Boulanger Lyon (69)
– From 28/11/2019 : Boulanger Toulouse (Portet-sur-Garonne) (31)
– From 30/11/2019 : Fnac des Ternes (75)
– The 07/12/2019 : Cultura Hénin-Beaumont (62)
– From 08/12/2019 : Darty Ternes (75)

The Redison team will be present during the demonstrations in the Cultura, Fnac and Darty stores. A team of testers will be happy to welcome you and provide you with information at the innovation bars located in the Auchan commercial galleries and the Boulanger stores.


All we need now is you

As I write these lines, demonstrations have already been carried out in the Cultura stores in Villeneuve-D’ascq and Neuville-en-Ferrain.

We were able to discuss with you about the sensors, but above all, we wanted you to try them out.


Your positive feedback confirms our goal of bringing the drum set to everyone with Senstroke.

We were also able to hear your ideas for improvements, enough to give us work for the next updates !
In fact, you can already take advantage of new features with Senstroke application update 1.3.

Go ahead and read our blog article on this subject.

If you missed us, be reassured, there are still many opportunities to participate in to the Redison Tour.

Did you meet us during a demonstration of the Redison Tour ? Tell us in comment!

Until then, keep on drumming !

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