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Redison at CES 2022 with WeGroove and Senspad

We are proud to announce that Redison will participate in the Consumer Electronic Show 2022 in Las Vegas!


Taking place from January 5 to 8, 2022, CES is the world’s largest trade show dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.


What will we do at CES?

The answer in this blog post!


Redison at CES: presentation of our new products


As a French connected music startup, we will present two new products at CES 2022.


After the success of Senstroke, the connected sensors for playing drums, we add to our range the WeGroove App and and the Senspad wireless smart drum kit, making drumming accessible to everyone.


WeGroove at CES 2022


As you probably know by now if you follow us closely, the WeGroove App turns any smartphone into a drum teacher.


Ideal for those who are new to drums, for those who want to improve their technique or for those who just want to have fun, WeGroove allows its users to play drums on their favorite songs in a very playful and intuitive way.




Users can choose their lesson from hundreds of different songs by world famous artists such as ACDC, Queen or Daft Punk.


To learn, users can play the drums directly by touching the application’s screen with their fingertips, or by connecting their electronic drum set (or any percussion device on the market).


The interactive drum lessons in the WeGroove application have been designed to allow for quick and efficient progress.


Like a video game, you just have to follow the colored notes that come down from the screen to know where to type and at what pace.


The recently released WeGroove app has over 10,000 users.


A host of new features will arrive by spring 2022, including:

  • Online challenges between users of the application
  • Personalized tracking of game statistics and progress
  • Personalized learning with new features such as loop mode, metronome and loop mode, metronome and tempo change.
  • The arrival of interactive video lessons within the application


The WeGroove app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.


Senspad premiered at CES


CES 2022 will also be the occasion for us to present you Senspad in world premiere!


New generation of electronic drums, Senspad is an ultra-portable wireless and connected drum kit that makes drumming more accessible than ever.

This is the first ever wireless, intelligent and scalable multi-zone drum pad.


A modular solution that installs in less than a minute, the Senspad has 4 configurable and customizable areas.



The LED system integrated in the pad, guides the drummer to play in rhythm (visual metronome) or to perform coordination exercises (connected with WeGroove for example).

Overall, this light system is a visual help for the drummer to work on his dexterity and precision.


Senspad connects to smartphones, tablets and computers.

The goal is for users to have all the functionality of a high-quality digital drum set in an ultra-portable and scalable way.


By the way, don’t forget that Senspad is available for pre-order directly on our Redison store!


We will meet you on the booth 60811 Eureka Park if you want to meet us, or on our social networks to virtually participate to the event with us!


Until then, enjoy the holiday season, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and above all, keep on drumming!

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Wegroove app

The new addictive app to play drums with your smartphone and practice your favorite songs simply!