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WeGroove takes it to the next level

Greetings to you Groover!

Today, a lot of news for WeGroove.
Indeed, we have the honor and the pleasure to announce a partnership that will make your favorite application the #1 drum app in the world.

But there’ s more to come.
We continue to work hard to bring you the best features in WeGroove.
Check out all these new features right now in this Redison blog post!

WeGroove joins the MWM family

With more than 500 million downloads in 180 countries around its 45 applications, MWM is the uncontested world leader in music and creative applications.

We are pleased to announce that we are now a partner of MWM.

Our common goal? To make WeGroove the number 1 app for drumming fun everywhere and all the time.


WeGroove will thus benefit in the coming months from a strong acceleration of its downloads worldwide (IOS and Android).

You’re probably wondering what this means for you: thanks to this partnership, we (Redison) will be able to offer you an even better app (new features, new directory etc…)

Ps: Just like Redison, MWM is a French company!

WeGroove update : return of the Medium difficulty

Many of you have asked us to make the game modes a bit more challenging. We listened to you and we are happy to announce that we are offering the Medium difficulty again.
This difficulty is available for each of the game modes (Standard, Precision and Performance).


A new catalog

The catalog of songs available in WeGroove has been completely updated.

You will discover new categories, new playlists and even more varied songs where drums are now the central element.

This catalog will continue to grow and we will add new hits soon.


That’s it for this round-up of all the new things coming to WeGroove.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the return of the Medium difficulty, and that you’re already having a blast on the new repertoire.

See you next time on the Redison blog, until then, don’t forget, keep on drumming!

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