The music festival: 3 things to know!


The music festival is coming soon! Are you a musician or a music lover, do you like to discover new bands, new sounds, experiment or enjoy new rhythms? It’s the annual event dedicated to all those who love to be entertained. And the 2021 edition promises to be rich, after a difficult year without concerts […]

WeGroove: Redison’s new product is coming soon!


We are very proud and excited to introduce you to our brand new product: WeGroove ! What is WeGroove? As you know, at Redison, we have a clear goal: to make music and drums accessible to everyone. Our first innovation, Senstroke, answers this objective by allowing anyone, drummer or non-drummer, to play their favorite instrument […]

Percussions in the world – The Bombo

We continue our trip around the world with the discovery of a percussion directly from Argentina: the bombo. This article is the second published in our special report about percussions around the world. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to read our first article on the Taiko, percussion coming from Japan. But let’s […]

Percussions around the world – The Taïko


Would you like to discover percussion around the world? Since it is currently impossible to travel, let’s take a trip around the world together in our series of blog posts! As a percussion instrument, the drum set comes from a long heritage of membranophones and idiophones, each with its own characteristics and particularities. Of this […]

7 reasons to learn to play drums

I often talk to you about how to learn to play drums on this blog: you have probably already read our articles about the different elements of a drum set, or how to hold your drumsticks properly. Nevertheless, you should still want to start learning how to play the drums! Whether you’re curious, want to […]

News from Senspad

Just like Senstroke, Senspad, our second product, is a topic on which we dedicate a lot of attention. So why not share what’s new in this project currently under development? All about Senspad in this Redison blog post! Senspad : project reminder For the few in the audience who didn’t follow (we don’t blame you), […]

The different elements of a drum set


If you’ve been following our Redison blog articles on how to hold your drumsticks and how to work the rudiments properly, you probably want to find out about what the different elements of a drum set are. You’ve come to the right place ! Let’s discover together what are the different elements of a drum […]

Senstroke Buying Guide


Standard Box, Essential Box, Ultimate Box… It’s easy to get lost in the Senstroke sensor range. Which Box is right for you ? What do they contain ? Why do some boxes contain a different number of Senstroke sensors ? Don’t worry, we will answer all these questions in our Senstroke Buying Guide ! The […]

Redison : one year later, the report


It has been a little over a year since we launched the Redison blog. Our first article explained why Drumistic became Redison, and the changes it implies. Today, let’s take a look at Redison together, and what is to come ! Senstroke release We told you about it at the WebSummit, it was in November […]

Report : the development of the Senstroke app


Hello there, and welcome to our Redison blog ! In today’s program, we will take you behind the scenes of the development of our Senstroke app, as well as the test phases. We had the opportunity to show the application at conventions in which we participated, and now it’s your turn to discover the Beta […]