Senstroke : 2.7 update


The Senstroke application update to version 2.7 is now available on the Play Store for Android-based devices, and on the App Store for iOS-based devices. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this update, which mainly concerns improvements to our Learning mode. Visual redesign of the Learning mode We offered a little session of […]

How to use your Senstroke sensors

You don’t know how to use your Senstroke sensors that you received for Christmas? Play mode, recording mode, learning mode, you don’t know where to start? Or are you just looking for a few tips to get started with Senstroke? That’s what we’re here for 🙂 In a few lines, we’ll guide you through your […]

Senstroke: 2.6 update


The 2.6 Senstroke update is now available on the Play Store for Android devices, and on App Store for iOS devices. Let’s discover together what’s new in this update. What’s new in the Senstroke 2.6 update When connecting to the Senstroke App, you will now be asked to choose a nickname. This nickname is first […]

What is a metronome used for?


If you are a musician, or if you want to become one, you have probably already heard about the metronome. But what is the purpose of a metronome? What exactly is it? All the answers to your questions in this Redison blog post! The metronome, what is it for? A metronome is first and foremost […]

Drumming for beginners : the rudiments


Today on the Redison blog, let’s take a look at the drumming rudiments. An essential but too often neglected step, practicing the rudiments on the drums allows you to progress quickly and on a healthy basis. Drumming rudiments : what is it ? Before going into practice, a bit of theory is necessary. Just a […]

How to hold your drumsticks well ?


Holding your drumsticks well is the first thing to learn when you want to learn how to play them. Acoustic or electronic drums or Senstroke sensors: it is impossible to play drums correctly without going through the “hold sticks well” process. Luckily, Redison explains everything in this blog article that is essential for beginners, and […]

Senstroke : 2.0 update


Today is a great day for Redison, since the Senstroke application is being upgraded to version 2.0! Let’s enjoy this “release party”‘ by reviewing all the new features that await you with this redesign of your favorite application. Senstroke : a 2.0 design When you launch the Senstroke 2.0 application, something immediately stands out : […]

Senstroke Buying Guide


Standard Box, Essential Box, Ultimate Box… It’s easy to get lost in the Senstroke sensor range. Which Box is right for you ? What do they contain ? Why do some boxes contain a different number of Senstroke sensors ? Don’t worry, we will answer all these questions in our Senstroke Buying Guide ! The […]

Senstroke : 1.4 update


The Senstroke application update to version 1.4 is now available on iOS and Android ! Let’s discover together the new features of this update. Senstroke for tablets In addition to the smartphone and computer, many of you use the Senstroke application on tablets ! We have adjusted the different screen sizes so that you can […]

Senstroke : 1.3 update


The update of the Senstroke application in 1.3 version is now available on iOS, and Android ! Let’s discover together the new features of this update. Senstroke and Senstroke Updater application merge In order to simplify the use of Senstroke sensors, we have implemented the merging of Senstroke and Senstroke Updater applications. Now, it is […]