Top 10 music tracks that have the best drum beat


If you want to choose the right drum track as a beginner, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you’ll need to find music tracks that have a constant drum beat with little detail. This will ensure that you can focus on what is relevant in the song. Then, start with […]

Easy songs to learn drums !

Learn the drums with music theory is one thing. But learn the drums on our favorites songs is another thing ! This article is for you, with 5 songs to learn drums ! Practicing on easy songs to learn the drums is a blast ! Personally, in ten years of self-taught practice, I have only […]

The Different Music Genres on Drums 🥁

Les différents styles de musique à la batterie, redison.coml

When we talk about different styles of drum music, we can refer to many aspects. Each musical genre on drums has its own rhythmic composition that provides the guideline for the whole. Jazz, blues and rock all have nuances, etymology, techniques and sounds that are associated with the drumming that accompanies them. Latin music makes […]

Acoustic Drums vs Electronic Drums, <br/>which differences?

Acoustic Drums vs Electronic Drums

Here is an overview of the main differences between acoustic and electronic drums. What is the difference between acoustic and electronic drums? The most important difference is in the way the drums produce their sound. In an acoustic drum kit, the sound is produced by the physical impact of the sticks on a drumhead. Each […]